Monday, December 14, 2009

Pharmacology Nightmare Into Sunshine

I had my pharmacology comprehensive final this morning. I was so stressed about it yesterday that it was hard to think about anything. I was really tempted to study the whole day. Katie told me about a fireside that she was singing in. I really wanted to go, but didn't know how that would affect my studying or my grade in pharmacology. You have to have a C or better, or they will kick you out of the program. But, I decided that it was better for me to put God and my future family first. I also had an epiphany having watched the movie Hook the night before. How Robin Williams as the dad of the two kids never really went to his kids' performances. As I was listening to Katie sing, it hit me hard that I was really blessed for going to this fireside. I never want to miss any of Katie's or my children's things. I didn't want to be like Robin Williams. I got to study a little bit afterwards, but I didn't feel at all ready. But, I felt at peace.

Then this morning as I finished my pharmacology test I felt like everything was going to be okay. My teacher gave us our scores and I calculated my final class grade from everything we did in the class. I ended up with an 86%, a B. I was so happy. This is what putting the important things first in life is all about. God takes care of the rest. I'm so excited for Christmas! Awesome!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Breathe....Breathe....Just Breathe

Nursing student at the University of Utah, finals this week in my first semester at the College of Nursing, met a wonderful lady who I am engaged to, thinking about things to do for the wedding and.... yeah, I just need to breathe.

I am really excited about everything! After Wednesday I will be able to breathe again. Wednesday morning is my last final, which is in my pathophysiology class (which is basically the study of how things go wrong in the body). I will be free! Then I can focus more on my amazing and wonderful fiancee! We met almost three months ago on a blind date set up by my cousin with her husband's sister. It sounded really crazy, but I am so ridiculously grateful for how it turned out. On Christmas Eve we are taking an airplane to Georgia for Christmas to see the rest of her family. I am so excited to meet the rest of her family and spend Christmas with them. But, just if you were wondering...we are getting married on the 25th of May. Ridiculously excited!

So, now that you have a background on things that are going on... I will be letting you know how things are going on with Nursing School and my adventures in the hospital. I like all the gross stuff hehehe :) Oh, and anything else in my life that is interesting. I love talking about my fiancee too!