Monday, December 14, 2009

Pharmacology Nightmare Into Sunshine

I had my pharmacology comprehensive final this morning. I was so stressed about it yesterday that it was hard to think about anything. I was really tempted to study the whole day. Katie told me about a fireside that she was singing in. I really wanted to go, but didn't know how that would affect my studying or my grade in pharmacology. You have to have a C or better, or they will kick you out of the program. But, I decided that it was better for me to put God and my future family first. I also had an epiphany having watched the movie Hook the night before. How Robin Williams as the dad of the two kids never really went to his kids' performances. As I was listening to Katie sing, it hit me hard that I was really blessed for going to this fireside. I never want to miss any of Katie's or my children's things. I didn't want to be like Robin Williams. I got to study a little bit afterwards, but I didn't feel at all ready. But, I felt at peace.

Then this morning as I finished my pharmacology test I felt like everything was going to be okay. My teacher gave us our scores and I calculated my final class grade from everything we did in the class. I ended up with an 86%, a B. I was so happy. This is what putting the important things first in life is all about. God takes care of the rest. I'm so excited for Christmas! Awesome!


  1. Well done! and you are right...putting God and family first is 'keepin' the main thing the main thing'. Somehow the rest gets taken care of or was not that important to begin with. Perspective is a good thing. See ya soon. Hopefully you won't be toooo disappointed when you get here. We are kinda boring....
    BTW, the blog looks cool. You're gonna have to give me some pointers!

  2. Heeheehee. I just read Katie's post with the title "Apostrophe" and thought of Hook. So funny.

    Good job on the class. B is great!

  3. You NEED a new post!! Come on Dude.

  4. Are you ever goig to update again?